Paroles Erase The Slate de Dokken

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  • Artiste: Dokken8894
  • Chanson: Erase The Slate
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Erase The Slate

Contradiction it's an expedition into darkness
Aggravation is the inspiration into madness
Soon the day will come when all the world will finally see
It's a matter of time / the sand will run out
Waiting for the rising sun
Erase the Slate
Erase the Slate
My religion is a mind condition as it turns out
Hesitating while my soul sits waiting through my blackout
Soon the day will come down when I'll reflect on all those years
My perfect world / sublime and surreal
Waiting for the rising sun
Erase the Slate
Erase the Slate
Erase the Slate
Erase the Slate
Time and time remember when
Life forgave my call
Too much pride / could not repent
Can't escape at all
Erase the Slate
Erase the Slate
Erase the Slate
And start again
Erase the Slate[Erase the Slate]
Erase the Slate
And start all over again
Erase the Slate

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