Paroles Thalassa Dominion II de Dol Ammad

Dol Ammad
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  • Artiste: Dol Ammad33003
  • Chanson: Thalassa Dominion II
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Textes et Paroles de Thalassa Dominion II

Spawn of the abyss
The ice cold abyss

Colours of sea
Where the blue used to rule
Wonderful life
But a world no more strong

Spawn of the dark
Final doom will unleash
No shelter from this sentinel

Spawn of the abyss
The ice cold abyss

Dominion, Dominion
come from the stars
I rule the waters
And this shall not pass

Debris of sea
So much life disappears
Once they destroyed
Now they're bound to redeem

Long voyage back
From galactic domains
This ancient plague
Their mark of guilt

Dominion, Dominion
Surface and space
Summon the forces
From light-years away

Dominion, Dominion
Lightbridge of the stars
I've seen the future
This kingdom will last

Queen of the deep
In mermaid's lair
Queen of the deep
Whisper the words

Bring back the stars
Our only hope
Whisper the words
To the stars

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