Paroles Down On Music Row de Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
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  • Chanson: Down On Music Row
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Textes et Paroles de Down On Music Row

Down on Music Row
Down on music Row
If you want to be a star
That's where you've got to go

I could feel a change a comin'
I left my hometown a hummin'
With my ol' guitar a strummin'
Songs that I had wrote
I was on my way to Nashville
I just couldn't hardly wait
'Till I could sing my songs
To the folks on Music Row

I got into Nashville early
Sleepy, hungry, tired and dirty
And on the steps of RCA
I ate a stale, sweet roll
In the fountain at the hall of fame
I washed my face and read the names
In the walkway of the stars
Down on Music Row


I waited there 'till eight o'clock
When office doors became unlocked
Then I started walkin'
Down the streets of Music Row
Just a walkin' up and down the street
Tryin' to find out who to see
To help me get on record
And to hear the songs I'd wrote

But I found it goin' rough
Everyone was all tied up
Either in a conference
Or in the studio
They said that I could leave a tape
But they'd suggest I didn't wait
'Cause everyone was awful busy
Down on Music Row

But I could feel that change a comin'
And I just kept right on a hummin'
With my ol' guitar still strummin'
All them songs that I'd wrote
And then Chet and Bob at RCA
Well, they listened to my songs that day
And they both told me that I was on my way
Down on Music Row


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