Paroles My Tennessee Mountain Home de Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton
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  • Artiste: Dolly Parton2684
  • Chanson: My Tennessee Mountain Home
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Textes et Paroles de My Tennessee Mountain Home

Sittin' on the front porch on a summer afternoon
In a straightback chair on two legs, leans against the wall
Watch the kids a' playin' with June bugs on a string
And chase the glowin' fireflies when evenin' shadows fall

In my Tennessee mountain home
Life is as peaceful as a baby's sigh
In my Tennessee mountain home
Crickets sing in the fields near by

Honeysuckle vine clings to the fence along the lane
Their fragrance makes the summer wind so sweet
And on a distant hilltop, an eagle spreads its wings
An' a songbird on a fence post sings a melody


Walkin' home from church on a Sunday with the one ya' love
Just laughin', talkin', making future plans
And when the folks ain't lookin', you might steal a kiss or two
Sittin' in the porch swing, holdin' hands


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