Paroles Lilah de Don Henley

Don Henley
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  • Artiste: Don Henley4201
  • Chanson: Lilah
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Textes et Paroles de Lilah

Like every young man, I had some things that I
wanted to say
Ere I could begin, you know the world got
in my way

Oh Lilah, to sleep like a baby
To open the window and reel the fair wind
Oh Lilah, to sleep like a baby again
We spend so much time weeping and wailing and
shaking our fists
Creating enemies that really don't exist

Oh Lilah, to sleep like a baby-
To open the window and feel the fair wind
Oh Lilah, to sleep like a baby again

All these comings and goings that cut like a knife
These small, simple pleasures that make up a life
A man needs a home, and a child, and a wife
to always be there-always

After I'm gone, there are some things that I know
I will miss:
The taste of your mouth, the smell of the perfume
on your wrist Oh, Lilah, the fields lie fallow
Whate'r ye sow, so shall ye reap
Oh Lilah, this ground we hallow
is ours to tend, but not to keep

Too-rah, loo-rah, loo-rah Lilah
Too-rah, loo-rah, loo-rah lay
Now, while all the streets are silent
Take my hand and come away

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