Paroles Back In My Younger Days de Don Williams

Don Williams
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  • Artiste: Don Williams9847
  • Chanson: Back In My Younger Days
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Textes et Paroles de Back In My Younger Days

Back in my younger days, I used to go all night
Now I just stay at home, and everything is all right
Back when I first met you, I used to live in a haze
That was so long ago, back in my younger days

I would do anything, just a stumbling fool
It's a wonder I'm standing here, I've broken so many rules
Now I dance with you every night, and still I'm so amazed
Your love made a man of me, back in my younger days

Oh, it doesn't seem that long ago
You, you make it feel like the first time we made love
And I ain't ever getting enough
Well, well, well....

As I go through the photographs, I laugh and turn the page
Its the ballad of me and you, from such an innocent age
Talk about a dream come true, we reinvented a phrase
Its better than it used to be, back in my younger days

Back in my younger days, Back in my younger days
Its better than it used to be, back in my younger days

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