Paroles Learn To Let It Go de Don Williams

Don Williams
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  • Artiste: Don Williams9847
  • Chanson: Learn To Let It Go
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Textes et Paroles de Learn To Let It Go

There's a young man sits by the river
Got his head held down in his hands
There's a lost love in every teardrop
And reasons that he just don't understand

There's a dirt road runs by the river
Comes an old man stepping high
with a soft voice & kind intentions
he said son you know you're too young to cry
Some things were meant to just roll by

You've got to learn to let it go, when love lets you down
Learn to let it go, so you don't miss the one waiting to be found
With a love that's going to bring you round
Only love is going to bring you around

He said now I know it's hard to imagine
that one day you wont feel so bad.
I know you're going to take comfort
from this experience that I've had.

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