Paroles Ride On de Don Williams

Don Williams
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  • Chanson: Ride On
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Textes et Paroles de Ride On

Peggy Sue rode away last night, on a rocking horse
Straight into the pale moonlight, make believe of course
But what's a little girl of eight
Supposed to do when she's up so late
She can't sleep 'cause it sounds like hate
Coming from her momma and daddy's room

Ride on, ride on
Out to where it don't hurt no more
Ride on, come on
Back to how it was before

Your momma left and your daddy cussed
All they ever seem to do is fuss, ride on

Tommy Lee's got a space machine, he keeps it ready on the launching pad
'Cause there've been times that he has seen, an alien invade his dad
So he heads out for the stars
Past the moon and straight to Mars
But what about the invisible scars
That come in a bottle that his daddy brings home

Your momma left and your daddy changed
You don't even know who's to blame, so ride on

Some people just lose control, some people hit overload
Some people act like some people, they never thought they'd be
So why can't we all see
The only antidote, The only way to cope
The only true hope is love

So everybody won't you,

Go ahead and test your faith
There's still a lot of hope, it's never too late

To ride on the wings of love, ride on

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