Paroles Love, Love, Love de Donny Hathaway

Donny Hathaway
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  • Artiste: Donny Hathaway15669
  • Chanson: Love, Love, Love
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Textes et Paroles de Love, Love, Love

[Verse 1:]
Love Love Love Why'd You Take So Long To Come To Me Aww Baby
Love Love Yo Love Tell Me Where You Hiding From Me
All The Time
Each Time I Try To Find Someone To Take Your Place
It Was All In Vain, No Their Lips Were Never Quite The Same Aww Baby
When I Was Kiss Someone New Deep Inside I Was Missing You

Aww Baby You Make Me Fall In Love With You
Now I Don't Know Just What I'm Gonna Do
Aww Honey I Looked Out Into Empty Space And All I Saw Was Your
Sweet Face

[Verse 2:]
Love Love Love You Can't Imagine What You Did To Me Aww Baby
And Love Love Your Love Everytime You Smile It Goes
Through Me All The Time
Day By Day I'm Fallin More In Love With You
And Thats No Lie, Cross My Heart And Honey I Hope To Die
Cuz I'm Not Tryin To Mislead Ya Believe Me Girl I Really Need Ya

[Chorus: X2]
Love Love Love
Love Love

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