Paroles For Someone Special de Doobie Brothers

Doobie Brothers
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  • Chanson: For Someone Special
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Textes et Paroles de For Someone Special

Well, I thought you'd be back on the track,
but I guess I was wrong, man,
for the look in your eyes
was the same empty high that you'd shown.
As I ran down the road
I'd forgotten this load was upon you,
so the band packed it's bags and played on, goodbye.

It's been years since I cried,
but this feeling inside really hurt me, man,
and you know that we're loyal,
through the years of hard toil we stood by.
But our licks' gotten better,
I thought you could weather the good times;
so I guess that it's hard
to leave bad times and downers behind.

So it came down to sayin' you haven't been playin'
for so long that our heads caked with rust
and the dust of a million sad sighs.
In the mornings I've tried to reach down inside
and push that nightmare away;
now I'm glad that it's over, it's over, now I can play

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