Paroles Everlasting Nights de Down A.K.A. Kilo

Down A.K.A. Kilo
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  • Artiste: Down A.K.A. Kilo23716
  • Chanson: Everlasting Nights
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Textes et Paroles de Everlasting Nights

(feat. The DEY, Tanya Gomez)

[Down in background]
[Fingazz:] [Down:] "Everlasting"
[Down:] Down
[Fingazz:] "Everlasting"
[Down:] Yo, where's all the heinas at?
[Fingazz:] "Everlasting"
[Down:] Hey, let's have some fun, baby girl
[Elan:] Everlasting nights (Sing to me, baby)
[Down:] Ha ha
[Elan:] Everlasting night
With you (That's right)

[Chorus: Elan]
Me and my girls looking fly
That's right
We just wanna have fun
All night
Looking for a homeboy who could make my
Everylasting night
You and your boys looking good in a low-low
Hop inside, take a ride, baby, drive slow
Don't rush, make it last, [? ]
Everlasting night

[Verse 1: Down]
Walked out the barbershop, bald headed and loco
I'm ready for the night, so I hopped in my low-low
Picked up my boys and we hit the calle
Today is gonna be the perfect end to my day (Yeah)
My uzi weighs a ton
Don't need to need a gun
Me and the homeboys came to have a little fun (What up, loco)
Fiesta all night, toda la noche
Hit the house party, chilling out at el porche
The mamacitas lookin' real damn sexy [wolf whistle]
Givin' out my numbers so these heinas could text me (Yeah)
Bass bumpin', got the ladies shake, shakin' it (Shake it, girl)
Baddest one gave me the sign
So I'm takin' it
I think I'm feelin' her
I know she's feelin' me
She got me chillin' all nice, somethin' new to me
Cause I'm a G
And G's Need Love Too (Ha ha ha)
Sun is comin' up, homegirl, what you wanna do (Yeah)


[Verse 2:]
[Down in background]
It's going down, it's going down
Gotta get it crackin'
I'm calliln' every girl in town
Tell her, meet at the backyard boogie, bring some locas
Chicas bonitas and gotta be hermosas (Yeah)
Remember that chulo with the low-low [cellphone ringing] (What you doing, baby?)
He just hit me up on my cellphone (Come through)
He told me it's about to go down (Yeah)
At his homeboy's house, we should roll (Bring all your homegirls)
Now, let's, go
[Down:] We at the spot, it's already poppin' hard
[Elan:] We, pulled, up
The DJ made a dance floor out of a yard
I'm gettin' busy
I think this drink made me dizzy
She said she tispy
She tried to kiss me
I see a lot of girls lookin' my way
They wanna play tonight
Tomorrow, sleep all day (Yeah)


[Down in background]
Everlasting nights
Everlasting night
With you
[Down:] Yeah
[Elan:] Everlasting nights (Hey yo, Fingazz)
[Down:] Won't you take us out of this one, loco
[Elan:] Everlasting night
[Down:] Yeah
[Elan:] With you


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