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Down Up Speed
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  • Chanson: 5000 Mph
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Textes et Paroles de 5000 Mph

You know you've got to leave, you don't know where you're going
And everything's in place, showing no sign of slowing
Who knows where you'll be coming around
All you know is you can't look down

Steady your hands and drive
You're bursting out at 5000 miles an hour
5000 miles an hour

Now that you've gotten farther
And every time you blink it's getting harder to speak or breathe or think
They know you're gone now
You're on your own now

And you don't know if you'll survive
But you're bursting out at 5000 miles an hour
5000 miles an hour

You can't think of a better way
You've grown tired, leave or stay
You can't regret your decisions made
No time to be afraid, you know you wanted it this way

Cause all you wanted was to feel alive
So you're bursting out at 5000 miles an hour
5000 miles an hour

5000 miles an hour
5000 miles an hour

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