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Draco And The Malfoys
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  • Chanson: My Dad Is Rich
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Textes et Paroles de My Dad Is Rich

My dad's always there to open all my doors
You have to call a Patronus just to catch a glimpse of yours
My mom says she loves me when she tucks me into bed
How's your mommy doing in the Mirror of Erised?

My dad is rich and your dad is dead
My dad is rich and your dad is dead

Your dad's on his journey to the great beyond
When you're dueling you might see him
Come out of someone else's wand
You may have freed our house-elf
Or brought doubt to our family name
But your parents still got toasted
By a big green blowing flame!

My dad is rich and your dad is dead
My dad is rich and your dad is dead

My dad is rich and your dad is dead
My dad is rich and your dad is dead

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