Paroles Bitch Is Crazy de Drake

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  • Artiste: Drake4852
  • Chanson: Bitch Is Crazy
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Textes et Paroles de Bitch Is Crazy

Aww man
Ho! Yes!
Yea... Can ya'll hear me out there
It's a lovely night tonight ain't it
Yea I know
I know what they thinkin ain't they here to [? ] they aleady scared
You know how I get down
But look I'm just gon keep it real

I'd like to know if there is a chemical
Imbalance in your makeup
(Gotta be something wrong with you baby)
Sometimes I wonder... wonder if you plan
Half of this shit before I wake up
(Ohh Yeah)
Callin my ex-girl or e-mailin my mama (Damn)
You're the only one
That's causin me this drama
And then expect favors (Yea)
When you come in town
And I know if I see you garaunteed it's goin down

Too scared of this girl (Ho!)
You couldn't pay me
I respect a woman
But this bitch is crazy (Hahaha)
This bitch is crazy (Yea)
This bitch is crazy
I respect a woman (I do)
But this bitch is crazy

She don't even know
That's the craziest part rite?
She just oblivious to the whole shit like
And you know like I was sayin sometimes
I gotta get my R&B on you know
I wanna wear the wife beaters
With the slit at the top so
I can tear it easy and all that
I wanna sing in the rain girl
You know what I'm talkin bout
I need a R&B name too like uh... like uh... like
I don't know I'll think of it
You crazy man for real
Oh well nigga fuck that hoe!
I said it without sayin it man

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