Paroles Do It Now de Drake

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  • Artiste: Drake4852
  • Chanson: Do It Now
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Textes et Paroles de Do It Now

Uh yea alright
Uh well alright
Yea well alright
Uh huh... yea
Feel good

[Verse 1:]
It's a celebration clap clap bravo lobster and shrimp
And a glass of miskato for the girl whose a student and her friends whose a model
Finished the whole bottle... and we gonna do it big like this
Yea and he was just practice he ain't in your world you can take him off ya atlas
Girl ya on fire can I be the one you match with
I give you the credit card and baby you can max this outtt
Show me where ya tax is show me where ya hands at
Maybe I can grasp it they say if ya get her you can understand her better
And she known to be a cheater but that's only if you let her
Yea... and I got it together so when they talk they try to turn me it's like whatever
... tell em' I appreciate the help but I just gotta know for myself

Yea uh
Uh look

[Verse 2:]
This lifestyle is foul this shit'll damage her
Especially when you think nobody is understanding ya
These girls groups with they overprotected managers
Got paparazzi over my shoulders clickin they cam-er-a
Snap snap snap until they runnin outta card space
You remind me of Tony's sister in scarface
Just take it easy on love and slow ya heart rate
? girl it's graces on top is such a hard place?
Yea... but if you never even been there
You kinda make sense why you dying of pretendin
Spillin all ya drinks takin pictures of ya swimwear
Head up in the clouds you survivin on the thin air
I know that shit is exhausting girl
And your mistakes are costing girl
And maybe you don't need the help but I just wanna see for myself

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