Paroles Runaway Girl de Drake

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  • Artiste: Drake4852
  • Chanson: Runaway Girl
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Textes et Paroles de Runaway Girl

[Colin Munroe:]
Hey there material girl,
The neighbors told me that your moving out,
Leaving to witness the World,
But are you sure that's what your doing,

Are you running away for a purpose,
Do you even know what your self worth is,
The past that you carry in your purse is a gift and a curse when you going head first,
Lyrics courtesy of
Luggage all packed but to them I say,
Farewell to the pure, amen I pray

You wonder the World,
You seek what you lost,
You're waking up everyday, to runaway,
Runaway girl,
I turn and you're gone,
Leaving to chase your fate,
Runaway, runaway girl,

So long, farewell, goodbye,
Good day, be on your way,
You runaway girl [x2]

Watching it all through the window,
And wishing you could make it shatter,
Now that your here on the other side,
Are you sure it even matters,

Yeah, are you living the dreams,
Are you telling your all girls that it is what it seems,
Do you strip? do you model? do you live in between?
And look for the split second that you get on the screen,


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