Paroles Abyss Behind My Gaze de Drawn And Quartered

Drawn And Quartered
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  • Artiste: Drawn And Quartered33019
  • Chanson: Abyss Behind My Gaze
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Textes et Paroles de Abyss Behind My Gaze

Abhor life, beckoning death
Killing need bred into me
Scorn and misery, all I've known
Feelings destroyed so long ago
Hunt and slaughter relentlessly
Others pain means nothing to me

Images in my head, faces screaming
All life is dead to me, see them bleeding
Twisted hate, no one understands
Until butchered at my hands

Know my pain
The abyss behind my gaze
Absorb your frozen stare
I drain the life away
Tortured screams of dying
Echo through my head
Hacked to pieces
Disemboweled and mutilated

How many never found
Corpses buried and forgotten
Abhorred life, bound for dust
Predestined, misbegotten

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