Paroles Cyanide Sacrament de Drawn And Quartered

Drawn And Quartered
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  • Artiste: Drawn And Quartered33019
  • Chanson: Cyanide Sacrament
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Textes et Paroles de Cyanide Sacrament

Mesmerized, I watch my followers die
They have gone wherever I have led
Across the globe, into complete submission
Their pockets and their minds I have wiped clean

Cyanide sacrament
Drink your destiny
Gospel of sacrifice
Surrender yourselves to me

Controlled like puppets on a string
By my will they offer their own lives
Faces in the dirt, they bow before me
Prostrate in poison worship, dying in agony

Cyanide sacrament
Drink your destiny
Gospel of sacrifice
Surrender your lives to me

And so we now begin the ritual
For which we have rehearsed so long

Cyanide sacrament
Drink your destiny
Gospel of sacrifice
Surrender your lives to me
White night, blood red
Embrace your destiny
Vomit blood in devotion
Surrender all lives to me

Temple of apocalypse
Silent is the congregation
A thousand bloated corpses rot
Under the burning sun

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