Paroles Sodomy And Heresy de Drawn And Quartered

Drawn And Quartered
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  • Artiste: Drawn And Quartered33019
  • Chanson: Sodomy And Heresy
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Textes et Paroles de Sodomy And Heresy

Triumphant crusader of holiness
To his land and god devoted
Addicted to the carnage of the battlefield
Possessed by greed and lust

Sodomy and butchery
Woe unto the peasantry

Victims sodomized and mutilated
Gazing fondly at their bloody corpses
Cut them open with sadistic satisfaction
Masturbating at the sight of the entrails

Faithful servant, devout pedophile
Abductor, molester, slayer of the young

Triumph of man's evil and corruption
Servants procure another evening's victim
Killing blade cuts through the throat
Sodomized post-mortem or as they died

Sodomy and heresy
Black magic, sorcery

Summon the dark one
Ritual sacrifice
Severed genitals
Cut out heart and eyes

Faithful servant, devout pedophile
Abductor, molester, slayer of the young
Holy servant, pious fiend
Butchering children, invoking infernal names

Unlock and open the hide-bound book
Recite the bloodscribed incantations
Beneath the ceremonial knife
Another chapter is written

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