Paroles Kingdom Of The Damned de Dream Evil

Dream Evil
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  • Artiste: Dream Evil9100
  • Chanson: Kingdom Of The Damned
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Textes et Paroles de Kingdom Of The Damned

I travelled far to reach this destination
So many fights to get redintegration
So here I am in this land that's been forgotten
It's god damned hot and the air u breathe is rotten

It's where the dragon rules the sky
It's where you wake up just to die
Where the river flows with sand
In the kingdom of the damned
If you can't cope with the pain you will surely go insane
In this God forsaken land
The kingdom of the damned

Everything is dead, it's not a living thing in sight
My skin is bunrning hot, in this supernatural sunlight
I'm not superstitious because I've seen it all
I will complete my mission for my lord

I can't wait to get out of this place
I just want to go home!
But I've got to fullfill my given task
And give life to my lord - To my king!

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