Paroles Upstarts And Broken Hearts de Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys
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  • Artiste: Dropkick Murphys5719
  • Chanson: Upstarts And Broken Hearts
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Textes et Paroles de Upstarts And Broken Hearts

I once met a young girl filled with fire,
That saw through my front to this shell of a man
She knew I'd be a handful from the start,
This strong willed woman had an angels heart
The holes in these wings don't allow me to fly
So you'd better brace for a life of pain,
And if fate is the path to this better life
Somehow I feel you'll never see the faces change

Through thick and thin,
She stood by you
She held the key to my broken heart

I look back and wonder,
Sit and ponder.
How I could have ever neglected you.
For the blood soaked soil on the old ball field,
I gambled on a hand I wasn't ready to lose
But if the tables were turned and I faced the troubles,
Tough times and struggles I put you through
I'd of been there as you were through hardship and horror
My life and my love are pledged to you.


Remember the nights she waited and wondered,
fused to a myth that it had taken it's toll.
But this Godless man has mended his way,
Never again will she be alone.

I remember it well,
Still I always knew that she was destined to be my bride
This woman had pride,
She was full of life.
I could see the passion in her eyes.
She thought she found a man,
But she fell for the devil
An evil monster in disguise.
Now I'll honor and obey,
Forever stay.
True to you, my Irish rose


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