Paroles Warlords de Dropkick Murphys

Dropkick Murphys
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  • Artiste: Dropkick Murphys5719
  • Chanson: Warlords
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Textes et Paroles de Warlords

[Originally by F.U.]

Five years ago you were safe with your TV
Never even though what your future might be
Now you're just a packrat picking through the rubble
Scared of your own shadow trying to hide from the trouble
Where is that comfort to which you were devoted?
Weren't you surprised when your world exploded?
Your hiding days are over now that we've found you
Resist or surrender doesn't matter we'll destroy you

Warlords join us or we'll blow you away

Maybe you got brains maybe you're ruthless
Maybe you're lucky and we might let you join us
Maybe you just got something that we need
Your house or your food or your guns or your body
Don't ask us for mercy we don't know what it means
The closest friend I got is my m-16
We like to have fun we love to go berserk
Murder rape and pillage hey it's all in a days work

Warlords join us or we'll blow you away

A trail of victims a legacy of blood
We left the competition bleeding in the mud
We got the numbers we got the guns
And if you got more than us we know enough to run

Warlords join us or we'll blow you away

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