Paroles Drown The Revolution de Drowned

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  • Artiste: Drowned9134
  • Chanson: Drown The Revolution
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Textes et Paroles de Drown The Revolution

World has changed and we live new times.
Mankind has a social vocation and the new model
is fragmented in bits, up and downloads.
Maybe men will lose the essence...

We're living an upgrade from the old enslavement.
The future is a new version of early human torments.
We're arrested in the web of the capitalist spiders,
hampered in the logic of brainless consumers.

The system does not reply...
A failure to load human life...

The work of the beasts feeds the empire.
Fools take all the burdens in their shoulders.
The chosen ones pay the sins of consuming.
No reaction - the people dream in their tombs...

Drown the revolution.
Capture the resistance.
Corrupt their only will.
Digitalize their emotion.

Slaves of the keys, slaves of the lines...
Improve the tearing. Improve the extinction...

Breathe the air while you can and trust the fate.
Feed your mind with hopeful thoughts... those ones die.

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