Paroles Godless Field de Drowned

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  • Artiste: Drowned9134
  • Chanson: Godless Field
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Textes et Paroles de Godless Field

Nothing seems to be right.
Chaos has its perfect delight.
There's no light beyond the line.
Curse reigned... This is the time!
No future for the human race.
No god can change the fate.

We hear the sound of the seven trumpets.
The hands of death play with the human puppets.
We are really dying in this soulless and inhuman time.

Death means God, and Hell is everywhere...
Godless field of nightmare...
Winds blow the seventh bell
that turns any fields in hell.

When you die, they forget your name.
In dark of a coffin, you hear the echoes of blame.
After death, nobody hears your yell.
It's sad when you cry and God doesn't help...
Then you realize so much time you had lost.
Maybe arrived the time to take his place on cross...

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