Paroles New Rome Arises de Drowned

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  • Artiste: Drowned9134
  • Chanson: New Rome Arises
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Textes et Paroles de New Rome Arises

Rome was an empire that smashed enemies and controlled ancient civilizations.
Every age has its roman empire, don't you think?
The hands of a new Rome are trying to do the same at this time...

The cultural oppression sews the mouth of colony.
The best culture is that one that finances the silence.
People without property will be the best slaves who somebody can buy.
An empire made from bones and pain will stand.

Owners of the planet, control the people who live in it.
Insistent man lies when he shows the truth for those ones.

Chained hands move the gears of a new roman empire.

A new Rome arises from the rubbles of a world coined by hatred... washed with blood!

While somebody lives, there will be men enslaved.
Spilling the blood of resistant crew or chaining the mentally ill ones.

The best men money can buy will spread justice and happiness.
With the bombs and shots, they'll make all the best for the future.

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