Paroles Mad Zone de Dub War

Dub War
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  • Artiste: Dub War23942
  • Chanson: Mad Zone
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Textes et Paroles de Mad Zone

I am a patient

An you are a doctor

Then I am a disease

An you are a cure

But you are as Ice

And i am like fire

You say your the truth

But I know you're a liar

You see I'm a saint

An you are a sinner

If you got a song

I won't be the singer

Your living in darkness

Cause you ain't seen the light

You're talking love and peace

But all you wanna do is fight

Mad zone mad zone mad zone

Leave me alone i wona be in a

Mad zone

Mad zone mad zone mad zone

Leave me alone i wona be in a mad zone

If you are the judge

Then where is the jury

You tell me to be calm

Well you scream in a fury

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