Paroles So Misled de Duran Duran

Duran Duran
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  • Artiste: Duran Duran2763
  • Chanson: So Misled
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Textes et Paroles de So Misled

I I I I so misled
In the summer of London life gold she said was a month before I realized sold instead
Hey it's such an awful choice don't break my back
Take it easy now you weeping boy don't wanna feel the crack
Bust my head to say you lose it now my body's gotta use it

I I I should not be so misled I I I should not be so misled

Saw an advert in a magazine safe it said
With the satisfaction guaranteed to cool your head
I can't see the solution to this state of confusion

I I I should not be so misled I I I should not be so misled
I I I should not be so misled I I I should not be so misled
So misled, so so misled okay take it away
Do do do do do do do la la la la la la
Do do do do do do do la la la la la la
In the summer (Do do do do do do do) of the london life (la la la la la la)
(Was a month do) before i realized (la la la la la la)
I gotta say (do do do do do do do)
I made you baby sold (la la la la la la) it said

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