Paroles Jesus Never Leaves Me de Duvall

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  • Artiste: Duvall23999
  • Chanson: Jesus Never Leaves Me
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Textes et Paroles de Jesus Never Leaves Me

Oh ohhh,
Your hand to hold,
As we get old and,
Everything fades.
Oh ohhh,
You can hold me tight,
But you can not go with me,
Into the light,
When it's my time to go,
But I'm not afraid cause I know that,
Jesus never leaves me,
Jesus never leaves me,
What more do I need,
Oh ohh,
The room is cold,
And I wake up alone,
Holding my pillow,
Oh ohh,
When I held on tight,
But I couldn't do nothing,
When it's your time to go,
I can't make you stay,
But I know that I'll be ok because,
Oh Ohhh,
I will soon be home,
And I'm never lose anyone ever again.
Oh Ohhh,
I'm not really alone,
And the strength that I have now,
Is sure not my own,
All mine is gone,
The thing that keeps me holding on is that,

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