Paroles Skullfucked de Dying Fetus

Dying Fetus
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  • Artiste: Dying Fetus9153
  • Chanson: Skullfucked
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Textes et Paroles de Skullfucked

I hate you mother fuckers
I hate you mother fuckers
I hate you mother fuckers
I hate you mother fuckers
You can't fucking breathe because
Your heart is in my hands
An overture of pain unleashed
At my command
Hating, ripping, tearing, scraping,
Peeling, beating, smashing, killing,
Slicing, chopping, shredding, splitting,
Mangling, fucking, choking, dying, dead
Worthless piece of fuck
Mass of human shit
Carve out your eyes, shit on your face,
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
Where are the whores when I need 'em
Looking for pussy,
That's all that's on my mind
Sluts that are ready for fucking
Ready for sucking,
Ready to die when I'm done
Copulate and kill without reason
I never need 'em
As long as they make me cum
Bitches have no power of reason
Never believe 'em, just kill and fuck
For fun
You're faceless,
You can't fuck anymore
And nameless, Sodom was too good for
The whore
Skull fucked, fuck your fucking face
With my weed, I smoke every day
If I'm not high, the hate will escape
I smoke and smoke, stoned as a fuck
Weed is my life, weed is my love
So pass the bong, pack up the bowl
A blunt to hit, a fat joint to roll
No, no, it's gone...
I hate you mother fuckers
I hate you mother fuckers
I hate you mother fuckers
I hate you mother fuckers

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