Paroles Big Sky Mind de Echobelly

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  • Artiste: Echobelly8582
  • Chanson: Big Sky Mind
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Textes et Paroles de Big Sky Mind

Don't look unless you're leaning on a wall
Or you'll fall over, you'll fall over
Don't look until you're ready for that fall
And you'll be flying, you'll be flying

Don't remember any memory at all
And you'll be laughing, you'll be laughing

Look up at the big sky mind
It makes you feel so small

Don't look back at all the things you'll never know
They're never ending, never ending
Don't return to where you never meant to go
Keep on moving, keep on moving
Don't belong to any corner of the world
Don't be a stranger, be a stranger

Look up at the big sky mind
It makes you feel so small

Look up at the big sky mind
It makes you feel so small

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