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Echoes Of Eternity
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  • Chanson: Letalis Deus
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Textes et Paroles de Letalis Deus

From the void,
Nothingness becomes aware of itself
Consciousness is born
Self realization through creation
And so the universe is born

Lost inside the human maze
Through your mind, you create
Only way to the other side
Is to live and to die

Eons pass by,
Alone with all this power
Sure makes for a stagnant existence
The solution?
Divide into pieces
The immortal ones, long to be flesh

Organized religion
A distortion of the truth
Make your own decision
Ignorance will undo you

I, I am the game
I, I am the player
I'm the creator
I'm the destroyer

Lost inside the human maze
Through your mind, you create
Only way to the other side
Is to live and to die

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