Paroles Girlfriend's Got A Wiener de Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy
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  • Chanson: Girlfriend's Got A Wiener
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Textes et Paroles de Girlfriend's Got A Wiener

Drivin' all night in my Toyota Lenn Cruizer, I saw some tail for sail, and
figured I could use her. Pulled up to the corner she was fine but kind of
gurgley, she hopped right it and gave a grin and said, Hey your eddie
Murphy. I thought she was a Smoker, or had a throut infection, but when she
lifted up her dress she spotted an erection, a hairy chest with big fake
breasts, you really should have seen her, the bitch was fine, but she was a
guy, the girlfriend had a wiener. (OHHH NOO)(And it was a big one too) (Uh
huh) (Oh yeah). She said, Dont worry Eddie, your money is well spent, just
drive a couple miles while I help you pitch a tent. I said, Im funny Ha Ha,
but I aint funny queer. That's when I saw a flashing light, in my review
mirror. Thinkin fast I told the cop, Im just here for her salvation, to
lecture her about the evils, of solicitation, so he let me go, but he bought
the hoe, with a misameiner, the bitch was fine, but she was a guy, the
girlfriend had a weiner. (right there in front of me) (Im talking ball park
frank) (and it was already cooked)

(Thanks to Rafael for these lyrics)

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