Paroles Little Bit de Eddy Arnold

Eddy Arnold
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  • Artiste: Eddy Arnold4310
  • Chanson: Little Bit
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Textes et Paroles de Little Bit

You're a little bit sweet you're a little bit mean
You're a little bit cute than the others I've seen
I wouldn't be sittin' here feelin' so blue
If I could get a little bit lovin' from you
You're a little bit smart you're a little bit dumb
And without of your kisses I'm a little bit numb
There wouldn't be a single thing I couldn't do
If you would only love me just a little bit too
For when I look into your eyes
They're a little bit bluer than the skies
You're so beauty I'm well aware
You've got a little bit more than your share
You're a little bit good you're a little bit bad
And when you're not around I'm a little bit sad
I'd be so much happier than ever before
If you would only love me just a little bit more
[ steel - guitar ]
You're a little bit smart you're a little bit dumb...
For when I look into your eyes...
Just a little bit more

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