Paroles Tres Quatros de Edgewater

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  • Artiste: Edgewater5539
  • Chanson: Tres Quatros
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Textes et Paroles de Tres Quatros

Recognize the position of the moon
And the waves are high
The earth begins to move and I want to see
The skin that I am in will stretch and shape
And change into something

Overnight look at where we've been
And so out of breath the ocean keeps on moving
So keep the pace and bear the weight you're given
And don't waste the blaze of the day

And I find that I want you to go

Lifetime pleasure is the passion
Don't waste your time
Look at what you after
And I can see the stars that shine on me
It's the shape of hope

And I want you to go
And I want you to stay awake
And I know that I'll find a way that you can see what I mean
It's the shape of hope

So look out
And everything I want to see
And everything you meant to me
And everything we hold is gone

Yesterday the breath you took from me
Was it out of shame?
Or was it just a dream?
Well I find in me the destiny to be
It's the shape of hope

Just hold me now
Just hold me down
Just hold me down, and take away the beauty of
Just hold me down
'Cause I can see the skin I'm in is stretching and shaping and changing and changing
And I said it's over all over

I want you to go
Lifetime pleasure is the passion
It's a waste of time

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