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  • Artiste: Edgewater5539
  • Chanson: Submerged
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Paroles Submerged de Edgewater

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Submerged Paroles

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I've been moping 'round here for the past few days I've turned my phone off and haven't even bathed I'm looking like a mess - that's all my girl would say I need to make a move but I can't Cause......

I'm sucked down in again
Blinded by the Earth today
Deep beneath the undertow
But I'm two feet too short to reach it

I'm paralyzed
I'm paralyzed
I'm in so deep that I get sick inside

Submerged and I am out breath
Feel I fought a war today
And now I'm drowning in my my debt
There's no one left to blame
Since you would lay at night
And open my arms and say...

I'm paralyzed
I'm paralyzed
I'm in so deep that I can't see the light home

It's over rated, the time we spent here
I'm suffocating, but I can't catch my grace

I'm paralyzed and out of breath
Looking back at past regrets
Where did I slip up?

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