Paroles Eyes Of The Tyrant de Edguy

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  • Artiste: Edguy5203
  • Chanson: Eyes Of The Tyrant
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Textes et Paroles de Eyes Of The Tyrant

[music & lyrics: Tobias Sammet]

In the eyes of the mighty domain and its evil
Doctrines, there is no trace of romance
But the fears that grow
Noone can watch his next into the eyes
You killed the poetry of mine
A long time ago - NOW
How many times have you given me rage
When your words were mendacious
And your laughter insane, how many times
Have you written lapoons about my life
And desires, about my pleasure and pain

I bare my fangs to you, look at my face and
You'll stare into my mind and you'll watch

The eyes of the tyrant - eyes of the night
The eyes of the tyrant - eyes of the night
Back from the hades, into the daylight
Back from the hades, into the daylight

King of tonight, tell me what should I do
Should I die in glory, should I raise my fist
The Crime of my deads is the frolic I need
I won't die on my knees, I will kill to resist

The chagrin of the damned cries the tears of
Romance, lord of uprightness take me now
The empire of the sad, the empire of the mad
My feelings were killed so long ago

Yeah, we are eternal, we are immortal
There is a trace of glory in our hands
Majestic and wild, we stand and we fight
Soon your blackened pride will be fading away

You'll realize you'll had been walking astray
Never tame the wicked, I'm a tyrant tonight
Back from the hades, into the light
Back from the hades into:

Uh, now here we go

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