Paroles Burned Us Alive de Eighteen Visions

Eighteen Visions
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  • Artiste: Eighteen Visions5287
  • Chanson: Burned Us Alive
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Textes et Paroles de Burned Us Alive

You feel the waves
As they begin to crash
And wash your life away
It strapped you down
And made you a slave to the taste
You've messed it up
Made a mistake
And now i think it's time to pay
For all the promises you start to break

In these flames you've burned us alive now
You could've been someone
In these flames you've burned us alive now
Now you've left your impression
I think it's coming back again
And I can't fake
The way I feel inside
I don't want you
I don't need you
You burned me once
But you won't burn me again

You motherfucker
You've lost all you loved
And all the friends you've made
I picked you up
Gave you another chance to waste
You point your finger at me
But you still won't assume any blame
Think your conspiracy's lead you astray


Your misery tears away
At your lungs with its sharpest teeth
Your misery has got you down now
You can't come crawling back
Now running your mouth
I'm sick of all the games
All of those years
They seem like yesterday


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