Paroles All That Surrounds Me de Eleanor Mcevoy

Eleanor Mcevoy
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  • Artiste: Eleanor Mcevoy18795
  • Chanson: All That Surrounds Me
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Textes et Paroles de All That Surrounds Me

Smells of toast and coffee served to put in mind his name today
Never did take much to get me thinking about him anyway
In time i may progress to welcoming the coffee's scent
At present i have no such strength.

Is there no poetry, no melody to comfort me,
To blur these images, etched upon my memory.
My stereo is where i go to let the sunshine in,
But every note's like one from him.

All that surrounds me,

Won't let him go,
All that surrounds me
Won't let him go.

If falling rain could only wash away my memories
Then i would welcome rain and never let it bother me
From my windowsill i'd watch the drops and then begin
To picture him soaked to the skin.

All that surrounds me,
Won't let him go
All that surrounds me
Won't let him go
Won't let him go
Won't let him go.

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