Paroles Metalwar de Elvenpath

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  • Artiste: Elvenpath52441
  • Chanson: Metalwar
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Textes et Paroles de Metalwar

Glory, power, steel and war
Heavy Metal is the law
Fight with pride, hammer of steel
Before the gods of war we kneel
Steel forever on my side
Hammer, sword and Metalpride
Iron force of thunderbolt
We fight for honour, steel and gold

Let the horns resound for battle
All we need is pride and Metal


Metal soldiers, wild and strong
Valhalla is where we belong
Power force of glory steel
Metal is all that we feel
Metal fire, steel is king
Rhymes of wargods we will sing
Praise to glory, enemies’ blood
Dragonfire, Metal god

Thunder, black wind, fireforce
Steelhammer and Metalswords

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