Paroles Just Pretend de Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley
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  • Artiste: Elvis Presley2687
  • Chanson: Just Pretend
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Textes et Paroles de Just Pretend

Just pretend, I'm holding you
And whispering things soft and low
And think of me, how it's gonna be,
Just pretend I didn't go
When I walked away, I heard you say
If you need me, you know what to do
I knew it then, I'd be back again
Just pretend I'm right there with you

And I'll come flying to you, oh yes
All the crying is true
Oh, I will hold you and love you again
But until then, well just pretend

Oh, it's funny but I can't recall the things
We said or why you're crying
But now I know it was wrong to go
I belong here by your side

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