Paroles Whoa! Man de Emery

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  • Artiste: Emery6478
  • Chanson: Whoa! Man
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Textes et Paroles de Whoa! Man

Take, a lonely heart before it breaks.
and put it in your little box of unwashed hands and mistakes.
Words, So necessary but absurd.
Too tell you I want to be with you tonight so bad it hurts.

Whoa, Whoa!
Whoa, Whoa!
Whoa, Whoa!

Wake, wake up while it's still yours to take.
Before I get a better offer from someone who will stay.
I, I don't believe in wasting time.
Just before it's gone its gone for good, so don't cry.

And it feels like today.
Is like every other day.
But I,
Will forget about myself.
To put this brick back on the shelf,

Whoa, Whoa!
Whoa, Whoa!
Whoa, Whoa!

Whoa, Whoa!
Whoa, Whoa!
Whoa, Whoa!

And you say that you changed.
But your basically the same.
But I,
I can say that I tried.
And move on with my life.

So you can calm your worried mind.
'Cause when I leave I wont be coming back this time.
No, not this time.

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