Paroles Crack Cocaine de Eminem

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  • Artiste: Eminem2639
  • Chanson: Crack Cocaine
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Textes et Paroles de Crack Cocaine

So what the fuck you tryin' to pull pigs
Cause my shit right here is clean Dig
Least I'm sellin to felons who don't know no better
Beat me down, pull me over when I'm drivin
I'm just a regular guy with a business that's thrivin
Cause it's hard to make it in this life
It's a world of heartache and pain
That's why I'm sellin crystal love to the people
That's why I'm sellin them crack cocaine

Crack Cocaine, Crack Cocaine
Crack Cocaine, Crack Cocaine

Got my gat got my bitch got my shit on
Fuck the police man they always get my gig wrong
I ain't no criminal no thief and no liar
As a market man I'm just the supplier
I don't give a fuck how you get the cash to buy it
And if it's you first time it's free just to try it
Cause this here sugar is much sweeter than mary jane
This here bitch is the mother fucking crack cocaine

I want that Crack Cocainex8
Gimme some, Gimme some Crack Cocaine, yeah

(Thanks to Phantom for these lyrics)

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