Paroles Dreamin' de Emmage

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  • Artiste: Emmage10589
  • Chanson: Dreamin'
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Textes et Paroles de Dreamin'

(feat. Mr. Short KHOP, Lil' Mo)

[Mr. Short KHOP]
At "The Players Club" but I ain't pay though
Seen a trick flossin Lex-o, say hoe! Where yo' man at?
The hoe chaser, won'tcha put yo' name and number
on a piece of paper, so I can hit you later?
Got the work home and the pager
Knowin I was in hella good and fadin from the git-go
Seemed like a bomb hoe
Hit her up and came at her with the combo, it's on and crackin
Had the hoe laughin, talkin bout her cash in the stash
and her favorite types of fashion, askin
me what type of shit I like - and how she might
be the type to spend a grip on a nigga if he act right

You're just like the air that I breathe
What you do is like a mystery, to me
These feelings I can't deny
Like a bridge crossing water, you carry me to the other side
(You're all that I want) you're all I want
(You're all that I need) ba-byyy
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe) you're all indeed
(You're all that I want) baby, mmm
(You're all that I need) you're the only one I'm dreamin of
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe) thinkin about, mmm
Two times, or three times, la-dy, gotta let you know
just how I feel, let you know this feeling's real, yeahh
Don't you worry bout a damn thing
cause I'm here to break your bedsprings
{cause you got it goin on}
Hear me out hear me out hear me out, girl
(So spend some time) - spend some time - (with me)
Awww yeah, spend some time with me
(So spend some time) - aww yeah - (with me)
Aww yeah, oahahaoahaoahaoahaoahhh

[Lil' Mo]
I bails in, me and the close friend, she lookin fine
Holdin my nine, love is blind, so I stay sippin wine
Too young to think about dyin, spend my life tryin the finer things
Diamond cut rings, playin cards winnin with kings
Surrounded by dames, won't small claims recognize
the real players kick back and chill, you know the deal
Peep game, we came together but whatever's clever
No never Emmage forever

Cause you're all
(You're all that I want) you're all I need
(You're all that I need) ohh yeahhahahhhhh
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe) I really dream about you babe
(You're all that I want) I really think about you lady
(You're all that I need) hoahhooooahhhhhh yeah
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe) cause I love what you do
(You're all that I want) I really love what you do to me
(You're all that I need) yeahhhh
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe)
cause I like the way you wear your hair
(You're all that I want)
(You're all that I need)
and I like the stylish clothes you wear
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe) hahahaha
(You're all that I want) so whassup?
(You're all that I need) you rollin or what?
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe)
(You're all that I want)
(You're all that I need)
(You're all that I'm dreamin about babe)

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