Paroles New Intentions de Empty Vision

Empty Vision
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  • Chanson: New Intentions
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Textes et Paroles de New Intentions

This is the moment that I've been
Waiting for so long
It seems a thousand days went by
But now the time has come
I forget all my regrets
And leave everything behind
I'm longing for new intentions
And look forward to what I'll find
I forget all regrets
And leave it all behind
Just relishing the moment
That will change my life
I've set new intentions
There's so much I want to reach
This time I'll drop my doubts
And start living my dreams
I will start living my dreams
And leave it all behind
I will start living my dreams
And leave everything behind
I say goodbye to this
This is something that I won't miss
Every step I walk ahead
Is a step that I won't take back
With every step I walk ahead
On this new and unknown path
The distance grows to my past
But I walk on as I'm not scared
I'm not scared of what I'll find
I'm not scared of my new life

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