Paroles I de Enamor

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  • Artiste: Enamor24501
  • Chanson: I
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Textes et Paroles de I

i believe, i believe in forever
but only because i can see forever from here
if only you and i could be together
and if only forever were more clear

* and i, i believe in love
because i believe that love is enough
and i can see you right here with me
and baby that's why i believe that we are enough

it's like the further i reach the further you are
it's like the more i wish the further the star
and you're as sweet as a peach, and you've got the purest heart
if only you and I could be together

* and i, i believe in love
because i believe that love is enough
and i can see how happy that we could be
and baby you know i believe that you are enough

and so here i stand in all my glory
but so it seems we can't be we in this story
but maybe if we'd take another look, maybe deep in another book
maybe we could be we in a whole new chapter..

and i...

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