Paroles Low de Endless Blue

Endless Blue
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  • Artiste: Endless Blue41901
  • Chanson: Low
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Textes et Paroles de Low

I can feel your whisper around me
I can hear your touch on my skin
In your presence so suffocating
Just one breath and I crumble within

I can feel the world clear around me
I can hear the stars in the sky
You're not there whenever I'm seeing
One step closer and my visions go dry

One beam of light in shadows so bright
Leaves me alone, I cannot recognize
(What does it look like anyways)
Down on my knees I'm begging you please
Leave me alone, or I will not survive
(Not that it matters anyways)

I can smell the pain that surrounds you
I can taste the tears in your eyes
You're an actor manipulating
I'm drawn in by your lovely disguise

Chorus x2

Dark clouds unite no colors in sight
Racing around, I cannot find you
(Why do you always leave this way)
Tears in my eyes invading the skies
Blowing up sand, trying to blind me
(Trembling in this blackened haze)

You cannot take my heart
You cannot break my heart

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