Paroles Don't you forget de Era

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  • Artiste: Era2816
  • Chanson: Don't you forget
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Textes et Paroles de Don't you forget

- Mum's sick. She says she can't get up.
I know my brother's getting hungry.
I must go to the village to ask for some feed.
Would you help me?
- Sure, Corney, I'll help you.
- I'll always be good when you with me.
- You're my friend, Corney.
- Are you always gonna be there when I grow up?
- Cross my heart.

Don't you forget about me?
Don't you forget about me?
We were soft and young
In a world of innocence

Don't you forget about me?
Don't you forget our dreams?
Now you've gone away
Only emptiness remains

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