Paroles Dance With Me de Estelle

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  • Artiste: Estelle2936
  • Chanson: Dance With Me
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Textes et Paroles de Dance With Me

Ok, Listen,
It's old skool, this is love, y'all,

Ok Ladies,
Y'know you got a man,
And you're feeling in love with him right now,
I want you to hold him real tight, like,
Put one hand round his waist,
And one hand in his hand,
And step to the left,
Step to the right...

You showed me how to love...
You showed me how to be, a part of you,
Somethin' about your touch,
Yeah babe I feel brand new,
And when I'm angry...
And when I'm feeling bad,
(Feeling bad)
When I can't even speak
(When I can't even speak)
You just hold my hand,
I don't know where I'd be,
If you weren't next to me,

Hold me in your arms,
And dance with me tonight,
Please don't feel the way,
To show me what you like,
You got what I want,
You got what I need,
Oh baby (Baby)
I love you (I love you)
Lovin' me...

Listen... oh...

You make me feel so real,
(make me feel so real)
Understand every deal, and every chill
Baby like it's candlelight,
And it feels super extra special,

And when I need you
(when I need you)
Yes you're always there
(you're always there)
Two steps away,
(two steps away)
And now I got you there
(got you there)
This is our time,
All the time in the world,

Baby... by... by


Listen to me now...

Love don't let me down,
Don't (now)
You're here
(You're here)
Please stay...
All we have is this, so please,
Don't take the night away,..

[Chorus x2]

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