Paroles Something You Can Live Without de Ester Dean

Ester Dean
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  • Chanson: Something You Can Live Without
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Textes et Paroles de Something You Can Live Without

Call me like
One kiss one taste I got you
Once you bag it up you're gonna think I shut you
Like bam bam bam
You don't think I got a chopper
Straight g... you're gonna turn into a stocker

Like uuuu who's that looking through my window
Uuuuu hot hot that's cute [repeat]
I'm I'm gonna get something you can live without [repeat]
I'm gonna get something that you just can't shake

Ten calls in a row trying to catch me
But I ain't picking up... crazy like
Bam bam bam got you up until the knocking


Can't shake [repeat]

Shake [repeat]

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