Paroles Where will you go ? de Evanescence

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  • Artiste: Evanescence2895
  • Chanson: Where will you go ?
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Textes et Paroles de Where will you go ?

Where Will You Go

You're too important for anyone
There's something wrong with everything you see
But I, I know who you really are
You're the one who cries when you're alone

But where will you go
With no one left to save you from yourself
You can't escape
You can't escape

You think that I can't see right through your eyes
Scared to death to face reality
No one seems to hear your hidden cries
You're left to face yourself alone


I realize you're afraid
But you can't abandon everyone
You can't escape
You don't want to escape

I'm so sick of speaking words that no one understands
Is it clear enough that you can't live your whole life all alone
I can hear you in a whisper
But you can't even hear me screaming


I realize you're afraid
But you can't reject the whole world
You can't escape
You won't escape
You can't escape
You don't want to escape

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